Cugó Gran Collection

Cugó Gran brand represents highly sophisticated boutique hotels.

Our unique destinations offer everything you can think of for a memorable holiday with family and friends.

Cugó Gran

Cugó Gran continuously identifies and assesses opportunities to extend our property portfolio with properties that provide attractive returns to our investors, while also striving for our partnerships to boost growth and maintain high operating margins.

We specialise in operating new hotels and repositioning existing ones, focusing on target properties with strong investment value. When presented with new opportunities, we limit ourselves to carefully selecting just a small number of these, ones that we feel are the right match for a Cugó Gran investment.

We have a clear strategy to drive growth and long-term value through our property portfolio and our operations when deploying capital, with a strong commitment to optimising the value of our existing portfolio.

We have a clear strategy to drive growth and long-term value through our property portfolio and our operations when deploying capital and we thrive to optimise the value of our existing portfolio.

Investment values

At Cugó Gran, we create shareholder value through developing, owning and operating hospitality real estate. We currently own or co-own a part of our portfolio and have a proven track record in generating attractive operating returns and asset value appreciation.

We typically invest in properties which we believe have significant upside potential. We embark on a journey of developing, redesigning and continuously improving the operation of these hotels, creating intrinsic worth along every part of the value chain. This diligent process is managed by our experienced senior management team, consisting of specialists in every relevant discipline.



We aim to achieve a high standard of sustainability on all levels and in making full use of the property’s potential in the most energy-efficient way.


Cugó Gran also promises a historical journey, be it through the unique heritage of our property or the surrounding areas.


We explore bold new markets that project promising growth. We are there to make it happen and to reposition these properties to reach the pinnacle of their potential.

Tailored service

We tailor to our guests and partners and we are confident that we can anticipate and accommodate each and every one of our clients’ requirements, whilst offering an overall proactive and all-round experience.

Beyond your expectations

We tailor to our guests’ requirements and take pride in anticipating their needs. We can cater for your requirements from start to finish, even managing your flights our own travel agency up to the smallest detail during your stay with us.