Our team at Cugó gran collection is delighted to share this first blog with you!

We are in a period of expansion and never did we believe in delivering and making part of our guests’ dreams as much as we do now, it is a period of regeneration, for our industry as well as all of us. Cugó gran collection wants to be part of that exciting journey and share this anticipated time with you.

Cugó Gran always seeks to offer the perfect venue for family gatherings, corporate events, retreats and celebrations, offering you all the elegance, luxury, privacy and exclusivity that many value so much. We do this, whilst ensuring efficient and personalised planning to your every need.

Cugó Gran Menorca was the first gem that we had in our portfolio, it was also the property that gifted us the name of our luxury brand, Cugó Gran, as this was the name of the estate where Cugó Gran Menorca stood since 1800. In 2018, the Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour Hotel opened its doors in Malta – and with it a landmark has been brought back to life. The Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour is truly a hotel with a difference. Historical fortress walls contrast with modern interior design and bespoke luxury fittings, looking out across the water to Vittoriosa and Cospicua.

Today, Cugó Gran became a symbol of sustainability, historical resonance and growth. Cugó Gran always aims at a high standard of sustainability on all levels and in making full use of the property’s potential in the most energy-efficient way. We promise a historical journey, be it through the unique heritage of our property or the surrounding areas. All this is achieved in the most tailored approach for all our guests.

At our core, we explore new markets that project promising growth. We are there to make it happen and to reposition these properties to reach the pinnacle of their potential.

We will soon be announcing new exciting locations for our Cugó Gran family. Stay tuned and embark in this journey with us!