Choosing the right destination for a unique travel experience

Choosing the right destination for a unique travel experience

The travel industry has been changing drastically over the last couple of years, mainly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. What was being predicted could no longer be relied upon and new trends related to the behaviour and motivation of the traveller started emerging.

According to market research, generally, travellers are expecting higher standards from the hotels they choose and are being more careful about choosing their destination and hotel. They also tend to lean towards booking boutique hotels rather then big resorts, which offer them the possibility to combine work and leisure during their trips, whilst taking advantage of flexible working policies around the world.

The Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour in the beautiful island of Malta can offer all this and more. The boutique hotel boasts a historical fortress with modern interior design and bespoke luxury fittings, known for the attention to detail offered by the staff and the bespoke and individual service tailored for every single guest. The suites at the boutique hotel also offer adequate workspaces, along with charging ports and quiet areas, and most of the 21 suites showcase unobstructed views of the Grand Harbour and the surrounding marina, high vaulted ceilings, and ample natural light.

Design is also at the forefront of the top traveller trends for this year and at the Cugó Gran Macina Grand Harbour, you’re never too far away from a distinctive design element. Be it the design of the actual hotel, or the history surrounding this landmark, you are never too far away from it all. Unimaginable history seeps from the hotel’s ancient walls and around the area of the hotel.

This will give travellers, who are now more then ever looking to have a unique travel experience, and those who are constantly looking for something distinctive or that speaks to what they are passionate about, just what they are looking for. And to top it off, they can also combine work and pleasure on their trip.

Today, Cugó Gran has become a symbol of sustainability, historical resonance, and growth. Cugó Gran always aims at a high standard of sustainability on all levels and in making full use of the property’s potential in the most energy-efficient way. We promise a historical journey, be it through the unique heritage of our property or the surrounding areas. And all this is achieved in the most tailored approach for all our guests.