For Investors

Cugó Gran is a leading subsidiary brand of international investment firm Von der Heyden Group. Over more than 30 years, the Von der Heyden Group has recorded real estate and hospitality investment programs, representations, restorations and developments in almost 20 cities around Europe and the United States.

Experience the Von der Heyden Group’s journey marking over 30 years of trust.

We seek exclusive locations with unparalleled historical and cultural heritage to create a truly immersive and unforgettable experience for our guests. Our Vision guides us to select properties that thrive with this sentiment and that value a sense of pride and trust in communities for years to come.

An Investment Strategy for a World in Transition

Today’s economic climate has shown it is the optimum time to invest in the Cugó Gran brand with an intense desire in real luxury and quality than ever before. This unrelenting demand positions Cugó Gran competitively in a favourable market, where unique destinations and experiences are at the forefront of the luxury industry at large. Our model is flexible, both in our business approach and in proactively selecting the perfect surroundings and properties that reflect the essence of luxury in Cugó Gran.

Our passion, results and credibility are the pillars that will distinguish future projects.

Cugó Gran is expanding its portfolio and seeking exclusive locations for owned or managed properties with at least 20 rooms. If you share our passion in creating leading luxury landmarks, we would like to explore an investment opportunity with you.