Cugó Gran brand represents highly sophisticated boutique hotels. Immerse yourself into the irresistible Cugó Gran experience with our unique collection of properties. Whatever your heart desires, let us entice you with unforgettable moments and the highest quality service.


To stay true to our luxury concept and the cultural heritage of where we operate, in the most sustainable and profitable scenarios possible. Ambitious for the future, Cugó Gran remains rooted in the ethos on which its success is built.


Cugó Gran stands out for being bold. We are a dynamic hospitality company with the ultimate goal of creating unique luxury properties. By 2030, we are targeting to invest in 10 further hotels and we plan to deliver this growth with the first-rate services that Cugó Gran represents.


We promise to stay firm to our values and we will do our utmost to deliver the best outcome for a successful partnership, driven by honesty and a reciprocal collaboration that will benefit all parties. We are deeply committed to ensuring a respectful and trustworthy partnership.


We aim to achieve a high standard of sustainability on all levels and in making full use of the property’s potential in the most energy-efficient way.


Cugó Gran also promises a historical journey, be it through the unique heritage of our property or the surrounding areas.


We explore bold new markets that project promising growth. We are there to make it happen and to reposition these properties to reach the pinnacle of their potential.


We tailor to our guests and partners and we are confident that we can anticipate and accommodate each and every one of our clients’ requirements, whilst offering an overall proactive and all-round experience.