Creating long-lasting memories in Malta

Are you forever chasing sunsets, whilst searching for the most crystal-clear waters you can find? The Maltese Islands can be just what you’re looking for, offering beautiful crystal-clear beaches with mesmerising sunsets, especially in the Summer months. We have worked hard to give you a comprehensive list with some truly amazing spots from where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset after a day spent in the turquoise waters found across the Islands.

Paradise Bay
One of the best beaches along Malta’s northern part, this white-sandy beach lies on the Marfa peninsula close to the Gozo ferry. The beach gently dips into crystal-clear waters with rocky fringes for snorkelling. And if you work up an appetite after walking down the stairs to the beautiful beach, you can also enjoy a nice plate of fresh seafood right on the sand.

Riviera Bay
The long flight of steps leading down from the road to the beach is worth the effort as it keeps this lovely little red sandy beach a lot less busy than the neighbouring Golden Bay. The hillside behind the beach is also a natural park which offers an unspoiled rural view. And after a day in the crystal-clear waters at this beach, it will also become the ideal setting to watch the sunset.

Dingli Cliffs
At the very western edge of the island, you will find the majestic Dingli Cliffs. Solitary, unspoilt and hosts to the most amazing display in the sky, every evening, Dingli Cliffs are the perfect spot if you would like to soak in the last of the sun’s rays before setting on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. You can catch the bus right to the cliffs and meander for a while, taking in the scenery, as you get ready to snap away.