Cugó Gran Macina celebrates diversity and inclusion at Europride 2023

EuroPride 2023 is a place for celebration! Cugó Gran Macina wanted to join in the celebration which took place in Malta between the 7th and 17th September by organizing and hosting a Pride Party at the Little Bastion in the Cugó Gran Macina in Malta.

Malta, one of the smallest countries in Europe, and in a very strategic position, has attracted different civilizations, all looking for the best strategic position, and therefore diversity is imprinted in the DNA of the Maltese.

For the last couple of years, Malta has been ranked as being the most LGBTIQ+ friendly country in Europe, ranking top of the ILGA Europe Rainbow Index for five years in a row! The small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea has been appearing in Europe’s travel gaydar due to the people’s extremely liberal attitude and openness towards the LGBTIQ+ community.

Malta welcomes and recognises all forms of couples and families, irrespective of their gender, while displays of affection in public areas can be witnessed without attracting any attention. There is no gay neighborhood, as the LGBTIQ+ community is welcomed everywhere across the islands.

This year’s Europride, with the main aim to offer the European, Middle East & North Africa LGBTIQ+ Community a safe place to discuss today’s issues based on prejudice, bias and fear, through a series of events and activities kicked off on September 7.

The Cugó Gran Macina joined in the celebrationsand actively took part in Europride 2023. Whilst hosting a party on the 11th September to celebrate inclusion and diversity, the Cugó  Gran Collection also gave a donation to Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement (MGMR).

Overall, 28% of LGBTIQ+ youth reported experiencing homelessness or housing instability at some point in their lives. LGBTIQ+ homelessness is a genuine issue across the world, and in developed countries and in the hospitality business, we not only welcome everyone through open doors, but we also firmly believe that everyone should have access to a roof over their heads.

That is why for this month’s eco-action, we wanted to celebrate Pride Month by donating 10€ for every employee to ILGA Europe and Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement (MGMR).

“We join others from across the world and call for immediate action against homelessness and housing instability for the LGBTIQ+ community,” said Anuschka von der Heyden as Head of Sustainability. “It is unacceptable and unthinkable that a minority in our society gets treated unfairly and we want to be a symbol of hope and an example of how change can happen.”


Our pledge to sustainability

Each month, at IBB Hotel Collection and Cugó  Gran Collection we have been promoting an eco-action. We started the year with Veganuary, a plant-based revolution that advocates for more people and businesses to embrace a lifestyle that involves the consumption of less animal products.

We want to make a positive impact, and let our actions speak for themselves. We are excited to make this happen and look forward to looking back to see how far we have come.

If you would like an overview of our 2023 sustainability initiative, take a look here. Stay tuned for next month’s initiative announcement! We also encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest announcements, news and offers.