Waste Reduction Initiatives

waste reduction

At IBB Hotel and Cugó Gran Collection we have setup a waste reduction and management strategy, mainly focusing on three key areas: food waste reduction, recycling practices, and the reduction of single-use plastics.

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Autumn in Malta

Making the most of Autumn in Malta Malta is well known for being a Summer island with a glorious and long season, but as October approaches, the weather starts to slowly change. Autumn in Malta is something that everyone looks forward to and if you are one who doesn’t like the scorching heat, it’s the […]

Europride 2023

Cugó Gran Macina celebrates diversity and inclusion at Europride 2023 EuroPride 2023 is a place for celebration! Cugó Gran Macina wanted to join in the celebration which took place in Malta between the 7th and 17th September by organizing and hosting a Pride Party at the Little Bastion in the Cugó Gran Macina in Malta. Malta, one […]

International Youth Day

The IBB Hotel and Cugó Gran Collection celebrated International Youth Day, commemorated every year on the 12th of August by showcasing some of the youngest employees and celebrating their achievements.